Kapag ako ay nagmahal Isa lamang at wala nang iba pa Iaalay buong buhay Lumigaya ka lang, lahat ay gagawin Tumingin ka man sa iba Magwawalang-kibo na lang itong puso ko Walang sumbat na maririnig Patak ng luha ko ang iniwang saksi CHORUS Bakit nga ba mahal kita Kahit 'di pinapansin ang damdamin ko 'Di mo man ako mahal, ito pa rin ako Nagmamahal nang tapat sa 'yo Ano man ang sabihin nila Pagtingin ko sa 'yo'y 'di kailan man magmamaliw Buong buhay paglilingkuran kita 'Di … [Read more...]


HOW TO JOIN THE PWIKER WORLDSTAR CONTEST: Create an account on Pwiker. Make sure you upload a profile picture. Practice recording your performance video. At the beginning of your video, be sure to state your name and that you are joining the Pwiker contest. For example, if you are joining the contest for the month of January, you should state: "Hello, my name is John Smith and I am joining the Pwiker Worldstar Contest for the month of January." Limit the length of your video to less … [Read more...]


"Match Made In Heaven" You became mine on the first night We became lovers at first sight Funny how a blink of an eye can turn your life around Wanna spend every tomorrow With you baby nothing is impossible Fly you to the moon at the front row There's no limit, let's go Sometimes we simply fall out But that don't change the fact I'm tied to your love like heaven's chains Always... If you go, I go If you stay, I'll stay When you cry I'll try to put a smile on your … [Read more...]

Are These Foods Killing Your Brain?


  Did you know that Alzheimer's is ranked as our #1 fear? And for good reason. As anyone over 40 knows forgetting things and feeling less mentally sharp often becomes an unavoidable side effects of getting older. There are currently 3,000 food additives in the US food supply.   Here's the 5 that are killing your brain...     1. MSG (monosodium glutamate) - MSG raises the amount of glutamate acid in the brain, which can cause death of nerve … [Read more...]


I LOVE MY NIECES...   … [Read more...]

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